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Red Elephant Events

A Brewery Back to the Land

Ideal Day Family Brewery are focused on three things: family (it’s in the name), beer (also, kind of in the name) and regenerative agriculture (bet you didn’t see that one coming).

They make beers focused on where their ingredients, especially their grain, comes from and how it was farmed. Their brewing inspiration comes from Belgium farmhouse traditions, classic British beers and modern innovation. It’s what they love doing. They strive to create tasty beers while supporting farmers who are saving our soils and ecosystems with regenerative agriculture.

On Thursday 18th July they are launching ‘Basket Of Herbs’ a 3.4% ABV Elderflower and Lemon Balm Saison in selected venues around the country.

Downside Up Series: A trio of beers brewed by BEAK in collaboration with one of the best breweries and hop farms in Australia and New Zealand. We are inviting you to join us in the UK-wide launch.

Flickers: 6.5% DDH Pale Ale w/ Freestyle Hops (NZ)
Subs: 8% DIPA w/ Future Brewing (Aus)
Flor: 4.8% Pilsner w/ Wildflower (Aus)

The Sharks Family Is Growing!

Launching on Friday 26th July. Continuing to celebrate 10 years of Verdant, we will have three variants of Sharks available in can, and pouring on draught:

Baby Sharks: 4.8% Pale Ale
Even Sharks Need Water: 6.5% IPA
Whale Sharks: 8.4% TDH-ND-DIPA

Comedy Nights

In association with Truro Comedy we hold a monthly free comedy night featuring acts new to the scene and established acts trying out new material. Whilst tickets are free there is a small £1 booking fee. Donations on the night to help the comedians with expenses are encouraged and appreciated.

Please note – All of our comedy nights are for people over 18 years of age and may  will contain strong language and adult humour!!

The next event will be on Thursday 29th August.

Past Events …

New Bristol Brewery Showcase

On Friday 28th June we will be showcasing some amazing beers from New Bristol Brewery which is a small, but daring, brewery located slap bang in the middle of Bristol. We tried their beers at Bristol Beer Festival this year and visited their taproom the next day, we were very excited by their beers and decided to get some in to share with our customers. We will have:

Bristol Lager: 4.6% Lager (GF) – Keg and Cans
The Joy Of  Sesh: 4.2% IPA (GF) – Keg & Cans
Beaut: 6% NZ IPA – Keg & Cans
Blueberry Muffin: 6% Sour – Keg
Cinder Toffee Stout – Cans
Tropical Fruit Toffee Drizzle Sundae: 6% Sour – Cans

These beers are not to be missed!

The Return Of Pagan Juice

Friday 21st June is Bluntrock Brewery’s relaunch! After a short hiatus, the brewery are back – and brewing on their new kit in their upgraded brewery! We’ll be one of the first places pouring their new beer on draught
• Pagan Juice: 5% Hazy Pale Ale
We’ll have cans of this too, as well as their 3.5% Extra Pale Ale called Wasson! 🍻

Hop Punk Festival 2024

31st May – 1st June

In association with Phantom Brew Co, Hop Punk Festival is a multi venue event celebrating all things craft beer and Pop Punk music. There will be 6 Phantom beers on tap and a curated playlist to enjoy.

Beers that will be pouring:
Feeling This: 5% Pale Ale
Ocean Avenue: 4.5% Lager
My Own Worst Enemy: 4% Pale Ale
Dressed To Kill: 8% DIPA
Basket Case: 5.5% IPA
Summer Jam: 7% IPA

Elephants on Tour

On Sunday 31st March, we hosted a Meet The Brewer / Tap Takeover event with Bang The Elephant Brewing Co. They recently won a variety (7) of Gold, Silver, and Bronze ratings in the Untappd Awards 2024! 🍻🐘 What a great day it was!

One of our favourite Imperial Stouts, gets a special release from Left Handed Giant annually. We’re always part of the nationwide first pour launch each year.

In May 2023 we had an Omnipollo showcase during the Bank Holiday weekend. Four exciting beers on tap from Sweden’s most innovative brewery.

In April 2022 we hosted A Beer With Friends – Meet The Brewer and Tap Takeover with Cloudwater.

We had 7 different beers on tap and in cans, ranging in both ABV and styles.