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Lockdown News

Posted by Alan on 13 November 2020

So, the last week has been pretty stressful, turns out that running a growing business during a pandemic is pretty tough in general but planning moving it forward is even harder, who knew?

We’ve had to make lots of decisions recently where there hasn’t been a best case scenario, more of a ‘least-worst case scenario’ situation.

Our intention was to open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday throughout November and do deliveries on Thursdays and Fridays, and that’s what we’ve done so far this week.
Getting to Friday it has been very clear that opening even those 3 days may not be worthwhile due to the streets being dead and actual customers coming into the shop being minimal (we are doing more through deliveries).

The other thing going on in the background is the Falmouth shop, we are getting the keys this Tuesday, which is super exciting and slightly ahead of schedule, but it means that working on it will be tough as I will need to come in to the Truro shop as James is furloughed (we know that the loss in turnover will make it difficult to pay wages and for James there would only be half the hours available to him).

So we have made the decision to close the Truro store until December, whilst Dom works on getting the Falmouth store ready and we also have the website going live very soon so that’ll be a bonus too.

We will still be making deliveries and there will also be times for you to pick-up on Thursday and Friday next week (more details to follow).

By doing this we hope that when we re-open Truro and open Falmouth in early December we will be in a much better position having made better use of the time during November.

Thanks to you all for the continued support during these tough times, the destination hasn’t changed; we are just taking a slightly different route.

For those of you that want to help, simply order some beer for pick-up or delivery and we will gladly make it happen!